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Intravenous Therapy

After a hospital discharge, you or your child might need continued intravenous medication at home. Home Intravenous Therapy is a way for you or your child to receive medication without having to return to the hospital or clinic. Intravenous Therapy is a process that involves inserting liquid intravenously, or directly into your veins, to ensure almost immediate delivery of medications, nutrients, and other drugs. The administration of this type of medication is usually done through a needle or catheter. 

Intravenous Therapy bypasses poor absorption by the intestine; this means that vitamins and mineral deficiencies can be brought back into balance especially quickly. Depending on the prescription, Intravenous therapies are effective in building up the intestine, detoxification, fat burning, boosting energy or the prevention of burn-out.

Intravenous therapies also provide relief and healing for people with a wide array of health concerns and objectives including but not limited to:

■ Compromised immune system.
■ Auto immune disorders.
■ Athletic performance.
■ Cancer / detox from radiation or chemotherapy treatments.
■ General detoxification.
■ Neurological conditions.
■ Asthma.
■ Diabetes.
■ Fibromyalgia symptoms and many more.

At Quality Health Services, our skilled and professional Registered Nurses are here to assist with the administration of your intravenous therapies while in the comfort of your home. Our experienced team of registered nurses and technicians work together with the patient’s physician to provide a variety of in-home infusion services to our patients. We can also teach patients and caregivers how to infuse the prescribed medication based on the method selected to achieve maximum independence. We also teach patients signs and symptoms of infiltration, flushes of heparin and normal saline, site care and proper IV treatment administration etc. Our skilled RNs will also obtain blood for lab tests as ordered by the physician, teach multiple medication administration and assess the patient’s response to treatment and/or intervention.

Our IV Therapy treatment services include but not limited to: 

​■ Antibiotic Therapies.               ​​​​​■ Anticoagulation Therapy.

■ ​Infusion Chemotherapy.          ■ Immunoglobulin. 

​​■ Inotropics.                               ■ Total Parenteral Nutrition – TPN. 

​■ Pediatric Infusions.                  ​■ Pain Management. 

​​■Enternal Therapy.                      ​■ Antifugal Therapy. 

​■Hydration Therapy and many more.

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