Quality Health Services

Medical Social Work

Our Medical Social Workers are responsible for offering counseling to patients and their families and ensuring that all patients will receive appropriate care in the community. They assess the psychosocial functioning of our patients and families and intervene as necessary. They also help patients and their families understand a particular illness, work through the emotions of a diagnosis, and provide counseling about the decisions that need to be made. In working together with your doctor and nurses, our social workers notify other health care professional attending to you of the social and emotional aspects of your illness. Social, financial and psychological problems related to our patient’s health conditions are also addressed and possibly resolved by our Social workers. 

Services provided by our medical social workers include but not limited to:

      ■ Initial screening and evaluation of patient and families.

      ■ Comprehensive psychosocial assessment of our patients. 

      ■ Helping our patients & their families understand the illness, treatment options, and consequences of treatment refusal. 

      ■ Helping our patients and their families adjust to possible role changes; exploring emotional/social responses to illness and treatment. 

      ■ Assisting patients and their families in communicating with one another and to other members of their health care team. 

      ■ Assist with interpreting medical plans and information. 

      ■ Educating patients on available community resources and the need for advance directives. 

      ■ Facilitating decision making on behalf of patients and families. 

      ■ Employing crisis Intervention. 

      ■ Diagnosing underlying mental illness; providing or making referrals for individual, family, and group psychotherapy. 

      ■ Educating and informing our patient’s physician on patient’s psychosocial issues and conditions.

      ■ Promoting communication and collaboration among our patient’s health care team members.

      ■ Providing the opportunity for ventilation of feelings.

      ■ Recognizing family strengths and encouraging the use of these assets by all members of the patient’s health care team.