Quality Health Services

Our Mission

Everything we do is powered by one desire; – to provide personalized, exceptional high-quality care to our patients on an ongoing basis. We believe that gone are the days when an individual is sent to an institution due to age or health conditions simply because they are unable to take personal care of some of their needs. It is now time for these individuals to stay at home; an environment they are most familiar with and have their home and health care needs well taken care of.  

Our mission – To effectively build on strength, achieve excellence in patient service, employ the best skilled home health professionals and create lasting value to all our patients and their families. We are continuously striving to provide the unmatched quality home health care and support to the people and communities through our highly dedicated and skilled team of professionals. 

L – Leadership.

E – Empowerment.

A – Above and Beyond. 

D – Dedication. 

Our Vision

  • To be the leading provider of home health care services to Maryland Residents by sustaining and improving Quality Health Services as the center for excellence to the communities and individuals we serve.
  • To provide outstanding customer and patient service that sets the standards for excellence.

Our Core Values

  • Mutual respect for our patients, patient’s family members and employees. 
  • Provide outstanding and quality care to achieve the greatest possible outcome to our patients. 
  • To remain courteous and appreciative of others, their values and cultures. 
  • Providing outstanding customer service and employee relations by being creative and innovative, fun, honest, responsible, loyal, flexible, and continuously improving our employees and the company. 
  • Collaboration and cooperation by encouraging helpful insights to better the company. Committed to continuous process improvement and quality outcomes. 
  • Active listener, zealous, committed, dedicated and determined. 
  • Integrity without compromise. 
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit- we would always encourage responsible behavior while developing creative and enterprising ideas to advance the welfare of our patients, employees and the business.