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Payment Options

We all want our loved ones to be well taken  care of. In situations where home care is needed, paying for these services can feel like an unmovable mountain. As individuals with loved ones, we are already tasked with the duty of finding a caring, compassionate, dedicated and willing home agency to cater to the needs of our loved ones and now we are also tasked with finding the means of paying for these services. 

At Quality Health Services, the safety and health of our patients is our primary concern. To achieve this and better serve our patients, we offer various cost effective, affordable, convenient and competitive forms of payment and will work with our patients to determine the payment option best suitable to them. 

We accept the following payment options: 

Private Pay:​ We will work with our patients to customize a private/self pay option that best suits them. There are a lot of health conditions to which the insurance company medicare or medicaid will not cover thereby warranting the need for private/self pay. QHS will work with our patients to ensure their health and/or ADL is not affected. Private/Self pay options include but not limited to trust fund, retirement savings, work salary, family contributions, reverse mortgage, care loans, asset conversion. To this effect, we have different private/self pay plans available to our patients. We will work with whichever situation you are in. Call us today and ask us about our special discounts.  

Insurance: Insurance companies work with individuals who need care at home. Some insurance companies offer long or short term care. We will work with your insurance company to ensure you receive the level and quality of care you need and deserve. Let us do the work for you. Call us now to learn more. 

Worker’s Compensation: When injured on the job, your worker’s compensation can assist you while you are at home doing your best to recover and return to work. It is our job to ensure you receive the best quality care thereby promoting a safer and faster return to work. Call us. 

Waiver Programs: Waiver programs are one of many options available to most States to allow the provision of long term care services in home and community based settings under the Medicaid Program. Waiver Programs can provide a combination of standard medical services and non-medical services. Standard services include but are not limited to: case management (i.e. supports and service coordination), homemaker, home health aide, personal care, adult day health services, habilitation (both day and residential), and respite care. States can also propose “other” types of services that may assist in diverting and/or transitioning individuals from institutional settings into their homes and community (www.medicaid.gov). Coverage includes children, pregnant women, parents, seniors and individuals with disabilities. Call us today to find out more. 

Veteran’s Benefit Program: The Veteran Aid & Attendance Pension program offers families and individuals an additional method of meeting in-home care costs. Call us now. 

State Non-Medicaid Programs: Some States offer assistance to individuals who do not quality for care under the medicaid program. There are different programs available depending on the needs of the patient and the funding varies with each program. Assistance from these programs  include but not limited to cash assistance, in-home care support (e.g transportation, meal preparation, general household chores etc), and other care services. These programs are aimed at ensuring that our seniors remain in the comfort of their homes. Call us today to learn more.