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Physical Therapy

An individual may require physical therapy due to an accident, disease or an illness. Physical therapy helps people of all ages who have medical conditions, illnesses or injuries that limit their regular ability to move and function. 

At Quality Health Services, we will customize your physical therapy sessions aimed at enabling our patients return to their prior level of functioning. We also encourage activities and lifestyle changes that can help prevent further injury and improve overall health and well being. Quality Health Services will work with your physician to ensure you receive the best possible physical therapy aimed at improving your functionality. 

The role of our physical therapists is to help our patients return to maximum functionality. Our Physical Therapists in working with your physician will assess the patients’ mobility, strength, and function and set goals with the patient to improve their level of functioning. Some of our Physical Therapy services include but not limited to: exercise, mobilization, modalities (heat, cold, ultra sound, etc.) training to improve balance, walking and transfers, and patient education and lots more. 

We offer both Pediatric and Adult Physical Therapies.

​Physical therapy may be applicable for someone experiencing:

                  ■ A loss of balance.                                      ■ Hip or Knee Replacement Surgery.

                  ■ A fall.                                                        ■ A stroke.
                  ■ Difficulty walking.                                    ■ Heart Failure.
                  ■ A heart attack.                                           ■ Joint pain.
                  ■ Back pain.                                                 ■ Any noticeable decline in function.

Benefits of Physical Therapy include: 

                  ■ ​Improve Mobility.

                  ■ Reduce or eliminate Pain.

       ​           ■ Avoid Surgery.

                  ■ Recover from Stroke. 

                  ​■ Manage heart and Lung diseases. 

       ​           ■ Improve Balance and prevent falls. 

       ​           ■ Manage age related issues and other health issues.

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