Quality Health Services

Ventilator and Tracheostomy Services

Unable to maintain spontaneous breathing, ventilator and tracheotomy patients are at greater risk and require specialized care. It is important for patients who breathe with assistance of a ventilator or tracheotomy to continue with this service when discharged from the hospital as they will face many of the same challenges at home as they did while in the hospital.

All Quality HealthCare Ventilator and tracheotomy services are designed to provide the support and care that enables families who are facing the challenges of caring for a patient on a ventilator or tracheotomy to confidently and safely care for their loved one at home.  Our services are provided hourly or around the clock in a family centered environment to meet the needs of our patients. All services are provided in accordance with the physician’s orders. 

We employ professional nurses and LPNs who are specially trained and experienced to care for ventilator and tracheotomy dependent patients in their homes.  We provide individualized Respiratory Care Plan, beginning with a careful assessment of a patient’s respiratory function, a personalized ventilator or tracheotomy care program is established and, once administered, staff is proactive in preventing many complications commonly associated with vent and trach care, including infection.

Our 24/7 commitment to our patients and ongoing patient support and evaluations, provide our patients with the maximum opportunity for comfort, removal of ventilator dependence, and, ultimately recovery.